Patented technology

From start, Inclined Labs has made sure that its innovative concepts, technologies and knowhow are protected. We have an extensive patent portfolio with a wide geographical reach. The patent family covers the general concept of angled wind tunnels, and specific innovations around safety, optimized airflow, variable angles and different types of application areas.

Some of the innovations have been implemented in the Indoor Wingsuitâ„¢ Stockholm facilities over time; some are to be used in the future. Our new tunnels, in Orlando and elsewhere, will be designed with our unique know-how, experience and next generation innovations implemented.

We offer licenses to use our patented technology. It will give you the right to use our intellectual property and any new development in the space, and it can also protect you from competitors entering your region. We actively defend our patents against any infringements.

See below for a sample from our patent portfolio.